Just who is this guy?

So hey, I’m Scott.

I like to build accessible things on the web.

oh… you expected more than that…

I’ve been a designer, developer, team lead, and director. I’ve done UI, UX. I code websites and applications, build custom CSS/Sass frameworks and dabble in build processes. I love building progressively enhanced, accessibility scripts and markup patterns. I enjoy writing documentation and building style guides. I’m a nerd.

But when it all comes down to it, I’m someone who focuses on creating or guiding people on how to build excellent user experiences, and deliver quality code. That is, UX and code that ensures everyone, regardless of technical limitations or disabilities, will be able to use a website or application, and not want to flip a table while doing so *.

* I can not fully promise that people will not want to flip tables after using a website or app. Largely because flipping tables is a great relief of stress and I recommend people give it a shot, at least once. And two, sometimes there’s just no pleasing people.

Regardless of all the above, I’m most importantly a dad and husband who loves his family. I quite enjoy the scant hours of uninterrupted sleep I’m alloted by said family (children), as well as listening to a variety of PodCasts, appreciating a quality beer, and listening to music.

You know. Normal person stuff. Because, despite my best efforts, I am quite normal.