Who is this guy?

Hi again, still Scott here. I’m a Senior Accessibility Engineer at The Paciello Group (TPG). I am a W3C Web Apps (formerly Web Platform) member (through TPG), where I presently participate in the ARIA Working Group, and am one of the HTML Accessibility API Mappings Specification Editors.

I’ve been a designer, developer, team lead, and design and development director. I care a lot about creating inclusive user friendly interfaces that can be used by everyone. I don’t care for nit-picking what shade of blue to make a button (unless the color will contribute to an issue with color contrast requirements).

My favorite type of project is when I get to work directly with the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that will directly affect a user’s experience, or have a helping hand in guiding a website or application’s creation from the ground up.
In regards to not-work, I’m a husband and dad to two young girls who are most definitely the cause of my hair turning grey. They’re pretty amazing though, and if I’m not doing computery-work things, I’m most likely to be found engaged in some sort of spending time with the people I love and care about activity. I like those activities the best.

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