Code Abode

Well, it worked on my machine…

I write a lot of code, and I do my very best to make sure it doesn’t stink. You can find a whole bunch of it on my GitHub profile. Feel free to file an issue if you find my code does, in fact stink…

OK, you got me. I can’t expect you to look through all of my repos. So here are some of my favorite open-source projects:

  • Accessible Components
    Accessible markup patterns and progressively enhanced JavaScript components to build common UI patterns. (this is kinda cheating cause there’s a lot of individual repos linked in here…)

  • A11Y Style Guide
    Project lead by Carie Fisher containing accessible markup patterns, best practices and references to official WCAG guidelines.

  • Brass Tacks
    A Sass framework / boilerplate I have used on many, many projects. It’s been quite a while since I posted a public update to this repo. But one is coming… seriously. No, really. I mean it. …someday… maybe…

  • HEAD
    Lead by Josh Buchea, containing a listing of almost everything, that could go into the <head> of your document.

  • Min
    The world’s smallest (995 bytes) CSS framework. Project by Owen Versteeg

  • FTS Gulp
    Gulp task runner developed at Fresh Tilled Soil. Plenty of fun stuff in here to get a project up and running, real quick-like.

Even more stuff?

You can find even more demo-riffic demos over on my CodePen profile. I also have a Playground repo, which is chalk-full of various bits and bobs. I question how useful some of these things will be… but they were fun to build.