I’ve written some code, and I’ve done my very best to make sure it doesn’t stink. You can find a whole bunch of said code on my GitHub or CodePen profiles.

Feel free to file an issue or write a comment if you find that said code does in fact stink…

But, looking through all your content sounds hard…

OK, you got me. I can’t expect you to go through all my stuff. So here are some of my favorite open source projects:

  • Accessible Components
    Accessible markup patterns and progressively enhanced JavaScript components to build common UI patterns. (this is kinda cheating because there’s a lot of individual repos linked in here, such as accordions, modal dialogs and more…)

  • The Accessibility of Styled Form Controls
    A deep dive into ways to style or seemingly style form controls and related elements. Includes markup patterns, CSS, JavaScript when applicable, and documentation for screen reader support.

Sorta code