Code Abode

Well, it worked on my machine…

I write a lot of code, and I do my very best to make sure it doesn’t stink. You can find a whole bunch of said code on my GitHub profile. Feel free to file an issue if you find my code does, in fact, stink…

OK, you got me. I can’t expect you to look through all of my repos. So here are some of my favorite open-source projects:

  • Accessible Components
    Accessible markup patterns and progressively enhanced JavaScript components to build common UI patterns. (this is kinda cheating cause there’s a lot of individual repos linked in here, including accordions, modal dialogs and more…)

  • The Accessibility of Styled Form Controls
    A deep dive into ways to style or seemingly style form controls and related elements. Includes markup patterns, the necessary CSS and vanilla JavaScript, and in many cases, the ways screen readers will interpret these patterns.

  • Brass Tacks
    A Sass framework / boilerplate I have used in various incarnations on past projects. I really should update this again…

  • Accessibility Interview Questions
    A single readme full of questions to ask an interviewee if you want to get a sense of how they think about various accessibility and inclusive design related topics. More questions always welcome!

  • W3C HTML Specification
    Since January of 2018, I’ve been an editor of the HTML specification. I enjoy this quite a bit.

  • VFO standards support
    A repository of tests and support documentation for the JAWS screen reader.

  • FTS Gulp
    Gulp task runner developed at Fresh Tilled Soil. Plenty of fun stuff in here to get a project up and running, real quick-like.

Even more stuff?

You can find even more demo-riffic demos over on my CodePen profile. I also have a Playground repo, which is chalk-full of various bits and bobs. I question how useful some of these things will be… but they were fun to build.