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Tabbing Links in OSX FireFox

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What the hell is going on here?

For those of you who have attempted to do basic accessibility testing with Mac OSX or MacOS and FireFox, you’ve likely experienced the confusion and frustration from the inability to tab to anchor elements.

For whatever reason, OSX and macOS have limited tabbing to only ‘text boxes and lists’ as the default setting.

That seems pretty dumb, how do I fix this?

In the System Preferences, go to Keyboard Preferences and update the radio button selection to “all controls”, as shown in the screen shot below, then OSX/macOS, and thus FireFox, will allow tabbing to all focusable elements.

mac OSX keyboard, shortcuts preferences window with the 'all contents' radio button being selected to enable all focusable contetn to be focused

For some additional information on this, and where I originally found the solution to this issue, check out this stackoverflow on how to allow keyboard focus of links.


Revised the article a bit and added in references to macOS, cause that's the latest operating system, and this is still the default setting for some reason.