I am often working on things that I am admittedly not the best at communicating about. Whether that be because I’ve posted articles on other websites, or pushed work to my GitHub repos, communicating that work doesn’t always find its way back here.

In an effort to change that, and inspired by a start of kindergarten assignment my daughter was given, this post will act as a sort of summer show and tell, rounding up the various things I’ve been up to for the last few months (that I’ve published).

Depending on if I continue to remember to do things like this, maybe I’ll do additional roundups in the future? We’ll see…

Anyway, so what did I do over the summer?

Two of my bigger side projects saw the light of day, in July, when I published The Current State of Modal Dialog Accessibility and Short note on the accessibility of styled form controls. The former being a deep dive into various issues with building accessible modal dialogs, linking off to a current build of my modal dialog script, as well as various dialog test pages.

The latter was a short note to preface a large website of Styled Form Controls (version 1.0) documenting the ways to style native form controls to keep them as accessible as possible. There was some interesting findings in my various tests, with most patterns having little to no issues, where as others have some very specific rules to follow to retain their accessibility.

Additionally, there were a bunch of smaller projects I published or updated:

Finally, in addition to all the above, I’ve been doing my best to continue to edit the W3C HTML 5.3 Draft

Actually, having written all this out, I’m thinking maybe I should instead take a vacation from all the stuff I do…