Instead of working on an article that I said I was going to work on, I spent my weekend working on revamping my website instead. I feel like this was a good choice.

It’s been a little while now since I spent any time doing design or CSS work, and I know this revamp may have some bugs n’ such, but it was a fun little design 100% in the browser project.

Some little takeaways from working over the weekend:

  • Found my first use for CSS @supports. So that was neat.
  • Related to why I needed @supports, I played with CSS’s clip-path: polygon(). Nothing fancy, but my first real use of clip-path beyond using it within a .sr-only class.
  • Ripped out a bunch of old useless CSS. Probably added in a bunch more.
  • To help with visually hidden jump (skip) links not being particularly useful on devices without keyboards (touch screens), it will now be exposed on small screens by default.
  • Added a back to top link. I have some rather long posts, seemed like it might be nice…
  • Made some updates to a whole bunch of older blog posts in an effort to erase less educated ideas from Google search queries.
  • Made this new notes section. I hope I use it for short notes. This is already getting a bit long…

I still have more to do with this revamp/design/whatever. I need to do a bit more testing, add a dark mode, and a few other design and content ideas I have.

Hopefully it won’t take too long to get to them all…